Admission Policy



    •  Admission is open to any child, provided that our preschool can meet the needs of the child.

    •  Priority will be given to the children of active members of American Martyrs Parish whose parents:


         - attend Sunday Mass

         - participate in parish activities

         - use the family envelope or Faith Direct to contribute regularly to the support of the church

    • American Martyrs Preschool welcomes children whose parents are not members of the American

    • Martyrs Parish Community.

    • Every child must be at least 3 years old on or before December 2nd of the year of entrance to the

       preschool and must be fully toilet trained.




        Before preschool begins in September, all parents are encouraged to sign up for an opportunity to meet with their child’s team of teachers “conference style”— 15 minutes when parents have the teachers all to themselves!  This is a good time for you to share your special knowledge of your child and to begin to know his/her teachers. Hopefully, these introductions, although brief, will set the stage for a smooth and comfortable transition into the preschool year.


         The preschool may be closed for several days during the year to provide time for parent/teacher conferences and/or parent/teacher telephone conversations. This time is set aside to give teachers an opportunity to share information with parents about their child’s growth in the preschool setting.


         In addition, a conference relating to your child’s growth and development may be arranged at any time by parent request or by request of the teacher.


Parent Involvement


        Beginning in November, parents may sign up to help in the classroom by volunteering to be either an inside or an outside Story Reader. Parents may choose to read books from the classroom collection or bring books from home.


Note:  each classroom volunteer must have a TB test on file in the office.