American Martyrs Preschool's

Cherish the Child

Thank you to the following families for their support of Cherish the Child:

The O'Gorman Family

The Engleman Family

The Bartley Family

The Owen Family

The Wright Family

The Cascio Family

The Gallemore Family

The Bonafant Family

Father John Barry

The Akleh Family

The Alfaro Family

The Allyn Family

The Austin Family

The Baker Family

The Bayerd Family

The Beller Family

The Bingaman Family

The Blanco Family

The Boehm Family

The Bourassa Family

The Boyer Family

The Bozeman Family

The Briggs Family

The Bronson Family

The Brown-Savahge Family

The Buchanan Family

The Buckley Family

The Carlson Family

The Caudle Family

The Cedargreen Family

The Chopra Family

The Coory Family

The Cornehl Family

The Cronkite Family

The Diaz Family

The Dominguez Familly

The Dunlap Family

The Dwyer Family

The Efthimiou Family

The Exberger Family

The Fernandez Family

The Flory Family

The Fraher Family

The Gaede Family

The Garcia Family

The Groves Family

The Hadidi Family

The Harrington Family

The Hayes Famialy

The Hendrickson Family

The Henry Family

The Hess Family

The Hoar Family

The Hodson Family

The Hryniewicz Family

The Jaeger Family

The Jahn Family

The Janke Family

The Johnson Family

The Joyce Family

The Keane Family

The Keenan Family

The Kersey Family

The Kilduff Family

The Lauricella Family

The Lenzini Family

The LeSage Family

The Lopez Family

The Macklem Family

The Maertz Family

The Mahan Family

The Mahoney Family

The Majcher Family

The Martin Family

The Matthews Family

The McCaughey Family

The McCloskey Family

The McCorkle Family

The McDonald Family

The McMahon Family

The Melendez Family

The Miller Family

The Morrow Family

The Muhlfield Family

The Murray Family

The Neesley Family

The Nolting Family

The O'Donnell Family

The Olson Family

The Ostrom Family

The Ouimette Family

The Parish Family

The Pasula Family

The Pierce Family

The Porner Family

The Rocca Family

The Rocha Family

The Rumsey Family

The Saba Family

The Sanger Family

The Scott Family

The Siebert Family

The Soof Family

The Speicher Family

The Spenley Family

The Steib Family

The Stetson Family

The Stewart Family

The Thain Family

The Tierney Family

The Tonne Family

The Tucker Family

The Ursini Family

The Van Gronigen Family

The Vancura Family

The Whiteley Family

The Wood Family

The Wuebben Family

The Zanotti Family

The Zepeda Family

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors:

Salt Creek Grille

Round Table Pizza


Pitfire Artisan Pizza

Nothing Bundt Cakes

The Corner Bakery


Rock'N Fish

Arctic Glacier Premium Ice

The Friendship Circle

Anheuser Busch

Venteux Vineyards

The Soozi Show

Johnny Rockets

Where: American Martyrs School Blacktop

1701 Laurel Ave

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


The Event

Cherish the Child is a fun-filled fundraiser featuring food, music, games and other family-oriented activities to celebrate the children of AMP!  CTC is a "mini" fair and your paid entrance to this event  is all-inclusive.  There are no tickets or tokens required!  Children especially love this special day that offers unlimited games, treats & entertainment for the duration of the event.  For Mom and Dad, there are deliciousv foods and libations (all included!) to enjoy while the kids have fun, plus live and silent auctions to help raise funds for our preschool.


How Cherish the Child Benefits AMP

Many unique preschool opportunities are available to our children because of the funds raised at Cherish the Child.  These include Snow Day, Farm Animals with unlimited pony rides, cultural dancers, Mr. Valentine's Nature Class (with critters from lizards & snakes to wallabies), visiting story-tellers, musicians and science programs.  CTC also provides funds for teacher development workshops and a percentage of the auction profits go directly to the American Martyrs Preschool Endowment Fund established in June, 2006.


Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are encouraged to sign up for a committee.  It's an opportunity to meet other AMP Moms and Dads and a great way to use your talents and support the preschool at the same time. Below is a description of each committee's work:


A.    Auction

  • Secure donations for live and silent auctions.
  • Help create advertising for the auction items.
  • Set-up and execute the auction itself, including staffing the auction area on event day.
  • Assist in collection of bid sheets and check-out of all auction items.


B.    Food

  • Secure all food and food related service ware for the event.
  • Coordinate with the Beverage and Clean-up Committees on related issues.
  • Staff food booths on event day.


C.   Beverage

  • Secure all beverages, ice and containers for the event.
  • Coordinate with the Food Committee on supplies needed for drinks.
  • Arrange delivery and/or pick-up of beverages and ice.
  • Staff beverage booths on event day.


D.   Set-Up

  • Setup the event space.  Shifts are available the day before (1pm-5pm) or early the morning of the event (7am - 10am)


E.    Clean-Up

  • Breakdown and clean event space and adjoining facilities after the event.


F.    Decorations

  • Secure decorations, set up event space including auction and food tables, and decorate event space.
  • Coordinate with Entertainment and Food Committees.


G.   Entertainment

  • Secure and schedule entertainment and game booths for the event.
  • Manage the stage entertainment.
  • Coordinate with Auction Committee for live auction.


H.   Invitations

  • Design and create invitations.
  • Secure postage for the invitations.
  • Manage RSVPs and send out follow up information to attendees.
  • Select and manage party favors for children.
  • Staff the admission area on the day of the event.


Auction Donations and Sponsorships

As AMP's main fundraiser, Cherish the Child's live and silent auctions are crucial to its success. AMP families are asked to consider donating to the auction, or to think about connections you may have in your work place, social networks or family who may be willing to donate a service or product.  All donations, big and small, are greatly appreciated.  Families are also asked to consider a family sponsorship to help offset the costs of the event. Game booths, rides, decorations, entertainers and more are all available to sponsor.  Any amount is appreciated. (Opportunities for specific sponsorships are published leading up to the event.)


Be sure to check the Cherish the Child bulletin board in the school hallway for the annual theme and all the current year's information on this fun-filled event.


We hope to see you and your family at Cherish the Child!



Would you be interested in making a donation?


Each year we ask families and friends to consider making a donation to help offset the overall cost of the event. The funds raised at Cherish the Child enable our children to experience special preschool activities such as snow week, traveling reptiles, farm animal visits, etc. GENERAL DONATIONS in any amount are welcome! All donors will be recognized on a display at the event. Your generosity is truly appreciated!

“Surfin' Safari”

“Buccaneer Bash”

“Gold Rush or Bust”